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The Recipe for Hiring Success: Finding Top-Quality Job Candidates

Have you ever embarked on the culinary adventure of baking a fancy dessert without a recipe? You envision the perfect outcome, but without guidance, it's a shot in the dark. Would you leave it to chance and hope for the best? Most likely not! You'd find a recipe, ensuring you have all the essential ingredients to achieve your delicious goal.

Similarly, the process of hiring new employees parallels this baking journey. You may have a clear picture of the role you need to fill and where it fits within your company. However, how can you be certain that your potential hires possess all the ingredients necessary for success in that role?

Fortunately, we have the recipe for selecting high-quality job applicants.

What are the key ingredients of a high quality job candidate?

A good resume:

You can do better than mediocre applicants!

Learn how to better understand your potential candidates and what they are looking for with our Job Seeker Persona Guide.

A resume will give you a great snapshot of who your applicant is and what skills they bring to the table. There are a few things to look for in a resume that'll tell you what you need to know about your applicants...

  • Relevant Experience: A good candidate's resume should showcase relevant work experience and skills that align with the job requirements.
  • Consistency: Look for a consistent work history without frequent job changes or unexplained employment gaps. Someone who jumps around every 6-12 months probably won't stick with your job much longer than that...look for job history that shows longer stints at each job.
  • Measurable Results: Look for improvement over the candidate's work history. Have they had promotions? Have they cited accomplishments such as landing big accounts, awards they've won, goals accomplished, etc? These will be an excellent indicator of what you can expect from them during their time with you.
  • Customized Cover Letter: A well-written cover letter that demonstrates the candidate's genuine interest in your company and the position can be a positive sign.

Interview Performance:

The first thing to be aware of in the interview stage is the candidate's level of preparation. A strong candidate will come prepared for the interview, having researched your company and the role. They may arrive with extra copies of their resume and thoughtful questions.

Another important piece of the interview is the applicant's level of communication. Effective communication skills are vital. Can your candidate articulate their experiences, skills, and how they can contribute to your organization?

One thing you can do during the interview is to ask behavioral questions. Ask questions that require candidates to provide specific examples of how they've handled challenges or achieved success in previous roles. This helps assess their problem-solving abilities and past performance.


An easy way to get a feel for your candidate's skills and what kind of person they are is to check their references! Contact the candidate's provided references to get insights into their work ethic, skills, and overall suitability for the position.

Skills Assessments:

Pre-Hire assessments can help you determine if your applicant has the behavorial and technical skills needed to succeed at your job. These Pre-Hire Assessments can predict how well the candidate will perform in the new position, their personality fit, top skills, knowledge, and projected retainability. The results of these assessments will help you understand better if the candidate is a good fit for your company.

Passion and Motivation:

Does the candidate appear to have a genuine interest in your company and your job? Have they researched your company and taken an interest in what you have to offer before coming to the interview? Look for candidates who express a genuine interest in your company because they will work harder for you if they feel invested.

Does your applicant appear to have a drive to learn? A strong candidate will demonstrate a willingness to learn and adapt, especially in a rapidly changing work environment, which will benefit the both of you!

Professional Demeanor:

And last but not least, does the candidate present a professional demeanor? Observe their professionalism throughout the hiring process, from initial contact to the interview and follow-up communications. Even if your company has more of a relaxed vibe, it's still important to for an applicant to show up in a professional way.

A recipe for hiring success

Ensuring you have all the necessary ingredients for a top-quality candidate is the key to achieving lasting results. This approach not only enhances employee retention and satisfaction but also continuously enriches your company culture. By following this recipe, you'll be delighted with the outcomes of your hiring efforts.

Job Seeker Applicant Persona Applicant Tracking

You can do better than mediocre applicants!

Learn how to better understand your potential candidates and what they are looking for with our Job Seeker Persona Guide.

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