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The Do's and Don't's of Making your Job Ad Stand Out

We are seeing the lowest level of open jobs since 2021... in fact, the number of job openings has been going down 14.8% year over year. In addition, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 6.1 million unemployed people... that's a lot of people!

With fewer job openings and a whole lot of people looking... you need to figure out how to make your job ads STAND OUT!

How do I make my job ad stand out?

1. Make it meaningful

Your job ad needs to be full of meaningful content. Tell a story about your company, the job opening, and what the person who fills this role will be doing... kind of a day-in-the-life of the employee story. The more meaningful and real you are, the easier it will be for them to picture themselves in that position.

2. Be authentic

Make sure you develop your employer brand so job seekers see the authentic side of your company and know exactly what they're signing up for. The less generic you are in your job description, the better you will show up in job searches and to job seekers. Let those candidates see your authentic self!

3. Keywords Matter

Job board algorithms are trying to match your jobs with job seekers' resumes. The more precise you are with your job titles, the more likely you are to show up on the searches of those looking for your specific job. That's how you will find more qualified candidates. Keep the company jargon out of your titles; if you use weird titles (example: "child mover" for a bus driver position), while you may feel fun and quirky, no one is going to find your jobs in their job searches... they'll be searching for "bus driver" jobs. So be precise and use those keywords!

Make Your Job Ad Stand Out

Target and engage job seekers to get them excited to apply for your jobs with our Job Ad Targeting Worksheet.

What should I avoid doing with my job ads?

1. Don't get too personal

DO NOT ask for unnecessary Personal Identifiable Info (PII)! Asking for the applicant's social security number, date of birth, driver's license #, or bank account #'s will get your job ads removed from most job boards... don't do it! None of this information is necessary for a job offer. (If you are hiring for a transportation job and need their DL #, the job boards will work with you on this).

2. Do not redirect URL's

"Redirecting" occurs when a job URL routes a job seeker away from the original application site. Job ads with URLs listed in them that redirect the applicant to a video, a survey, a company page, etc. will get your ad blocked on most job boards.

3. Don't "Location Blast"

Location blasting is when an employer posts a job outside of the primary location where the applicant would be working. For example, don't advertise your job in Seattle if the job is located in Los Angeles. If someone in Seattle is looking for a job in LA, they'll put that in their search, so don't worry, your jobs will be seen by those wanting to work in your area.

What are the must-haves in a job ad?

  • Pay - This is the most requested information in a job ad. According to Indeed, jobs with the salary information listed have a 30% higher application rate per impression than those without salary information. (this can be an exact number or a pay range)
  • Shift - People want to know when they'll be expected to work so they know if it'll fit into their schedule. Don't waste the applicant's time or your own by not listing the hours and then having them find out halfway through the interview process that the job won't work for them.
  • Duties of the job - What does a day in the life of someone in this role look like?
  • Benefits - This can be something that will make you stand out from the competition!
  • Perks - What are the growth opportunities for your employees?
  • Location - What area are you in? Is it remote? In office? Hybrid? etc..
  • CTA - There should ALWAYS be a call to action! Tell them how to apply for your job and what the application process will look like.

With so many people looking for jobs, you need to do whatever it takes to make your job ads stand out above the rest! Do these things and you will get the most qualified candidates to find and apply for your jobs, getting you the best team of employees you could dream of!

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Make Your Job Ad Stand Out

Target and engage job seekers to get them excited to apply for your jobs with our Job Ad Targeting Worksheet.

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The Do's and Don't's of Making your Job Ad Stand Out

Discover the key strategies to make your job ads stand out in today's competitive market. With job openings decreasing by 14.8% year over year and 6.1 million Americans unemployed, it's crucial to craft compelling job postings.


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