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Is Your Hiring Process Accidentally Discriminatory

Is Your Hiring Process Accidentally Discriminatory?

by Angie Rupp

Diversity is a tricky subject. And, one that likely makes you as an HR professional uncomfortable (even if it that discomfort resides beneath the surface) because there are some pretty profound risks associated with getting it wrong (and some...

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Affirmative Action Plans What You Need to Know

Affirmative Action Plans: What You Need to Know

by Taryn Barnes

It’s a new year and that means organizations are gearing up to fine-tune the operational aspects of their company. HR generalists all over the nation are ticking the boxes to ensure compliance—and for many, configuring an Affirmative Action Plan...

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EEOC and Background Checks Go Hand in Hand

EEOC and Background Checks Go Hand in Hand

by Kyle McKinney

Making the proper hiring decision can be a heavy task, especially when using background checks to assist in the hiring process. You’ve weeded through the potential candidates, made your selection and spent the money on vetting your potential...

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