hr climbing steps to maintain momentum during hiring process

5 Steps for Maintaining Momentum During Your Hiring Process

Imagine the following… you’ve recently posted a new job opening, you’ve filtered through all of the applications you’ve received, and finally found a candidate you’re feeling excited about. You pick up the phone and reach out to get them scheduled for an interview… Only for them to tell you they’ve already accepted another offer. Frustrating right? They JUST applied - how have they already found something else?

As annoying as the situation might be, it’s important to keep in mind that your timeline is not the same as the job seekers. You may have posted a new job yesterday, but by the time they see it they could be two or three weeks into their job search and having final interviews with your competition. So what can you do? It’s all about maintaining momentum throughout your hiring process. This allows you to move qualified candidates forward quickly, increasing the chances that you’ll get to them first!

In this week’s video, I’m going over five essential steps that will show you how to streamline your process and make maintaining momentum your competitive advantage.

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Here’s my five steps.

  1. Don’t describe your jobs, advertise them
  2. Automate your screening process
  3. Over communicate with job seekers
  4. Make every interaction valuable
  5. Follow through

Check out the video to learn about what goes into each step and how applying them will help you keep candidates engaged and win the war for talent.

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Learn how to write a killer job ad

Want to learn how to write better job ads?

Download our "Guide to Writing a Killer Job Ad" now! This guide will walk you step-by-step through the process of writing job ads that get dramatic results.

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