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Learn How to Write Killer Job Ads

  • Easy to follow Job ad writing outline
  • Double or Triple your qualified applicant flow
  • Learn why a great job ad is vital to hiring success
  • How to target the exact applicants you're looking for
  • Bonus! Real-world job ad examples that show us what not to do and ads that outperformed expectations.

We’ve tested this writing formula thousands of times

We've spent countless hours dissecting each segment to determine what drives positive results from engaging Job Ads. If you follow these methods you will be generating more highly qualified applicants than you've ever had before.

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job ad requirement outline

Use the job ad outline as your personal guide to a great job ad

The best job ads follow a particular formula for success. Part emotion, part storytelling, detailed benefits, easy to follow marketing strategies, and short on the boring legalese. Our easy to follow writing outline makes it incredibly easy to write a killer job ad. Each step provides detailed insight and instruction regarding along with examples and explanations regarding their benefits.

The not so good, the bad, and the ugly

Along with our detailed Job Ad Outline, we also provide a few real example job ads of what not to do. These point out a few of the major mistakes that we should all try to avoid. Sure, finding a job ad description and a bulleted list of requirements online gets us to the next step of posting the job quicker. But, your intended finish line is finding that dream candidate who will succeed at your company.

job ads what not to do
real world killer job ads

Real-world Killer Job Ads that have generated incredible qualified applicants

Let's take a look at the big picture. We have included 3 Killer Job Ads that outperformed all of our expectations, and that's saying something! Read through these from the perspective of a job seeker and see if you feel encouraged to apply. Most people who do are.