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How Can You Prevent Poor Employer Branding?

People have a desire to work for companies with positive brands. What happens if your brand message is not being communicated properly? Failure to have the right message about your company can lead to a number of problems with the recruitment of employees to retaining employees. Here are some different ways to improve branding to recruit and hire the best employees.

How To Improve the Candidate Experience

When people come to your offices, are they immediately impressed? Do they have a feeling of “I want to work here,” or do they seem unimpressed with the working environment? The candidate experience is essential to recruiting the right people for the job. Here are some different ways to start improving the candidate experience:

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Effective Candidate Communication

Failure to communicate with the candidates throughout the hiring experience can leave people frustrated and confused. Send an email that clearly explains the hiring process so a candidate knows what to expect when they come in for an interview.

Understand Candidate's Mindset

Place yourself in the shoes of the candidates. Remind yourself what it was like when you were applying for jobs. How do you like to be treated? If you want to have a good experience, you must focus on the importance of treating the candidates properly. Even if they do not get the job, they will speak highly of the company and the experience they had.

Be a Kind and Personable HR Manager

It is surprising to see how many companies end up focusing on being HR managers before being a person. You need to make the hiring process personable. This is a great way to get people talking during the interview. It will help you connect with them on a different level, and helps you truly get to know the candidate.

Be Clear about Your Employee Expectations

When you interview the candidates, be upfront and clear with your expectations. People need to know right from the beginning what you want from them as employees. Let them know what your process is so they understand when you will get in touch with them about the job. If people leave a job interview and they are not sure what the next step is, they can quickly move on to a new job.

Clear Job Advertising

If the job descriptions you create are confusing, you will lose candidates. You must have a clear job advertising message for people to understand. List the essential elements of the job, but do not make the description boring. Add some action words and describe the office environment. This is a great way to brand the business within your job ad and get people excited about the job.

The candidate experience is a two way street. You need to make sure your brand is something to be valued. Hold true to the brand image you want to create to recruit the right people for the job!

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