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Why Hiring Is More Than Just Marketing: Understanding Your Target Job Seeker

When it comes to hiring, many companies make a crucial mistake: they view their managers as the primary customers of HR. This approach often leads to job ads that focus solely on the manager's preferences and needs. However, managers aren't always equipped to set accurate requirements or explain job duties effectively. They may lack direct experience in the role and fail to identify what makes someone truly exceptional at the job.

This bias towards factors like education and work experience does not necessarily predict job performance accurately. Sometimes, the best hires don't fit the predetermined job requirements. If you consider your top employees, would they have applied for their positions based on the initial job ad? Or did they turn out to be an ideal fit despite not meeting all the stated requirements?

In reality, hiring is a complex process that goes beyond treating managers as customers. Managers should be viewed as partners, while the job seeker becomes the true customer. The goal should be to help managers find the right candidates by focusing on what matters most to potential job seekers, rather than just the preferences of managers.

Content Creation for Sourcing Applicants: The Job Ad and Job Questions

Value Proposition Canvas

Attract more applicants by identifying what's important to your target job seekers!

It's essential to understand the target job seeker to write effective job ads. To gain this understanding, consider the following simple questions:

  • Who do I know that would excel in this job?
  • Who do I wish I could clone for this role?

These questions will likely bring one or two names to mind, which are often your current top performers if they are already in the role. However, if this is a new position or you aren't satisfied with the current employees, you'll need to explore other options:

  • Look within your organization.
  • Tap into your network.
  • Consider ex-employees.

Once you have identified the ideal candidate, you can accomplish two main objectives:

  1. Validate the requirements you have initially outlined by comparing them to the qualities of your chosen individual.
  2. Understand the motivations and reasons that would attract this type of person to work for you.

Writing a Killer Job Ad: Two Key Requirements

To write a compelling job ad, you need to fulfill two important requirements:

1. Validate the Requirements: Use our "Job Requirements Validation" worksheet (you can download it for free) to ensure you don't overstate the job requirements in the ad. This worksheet allows you to:

  • Input your initial requirements, such as education, experience, skills, licenses, etc.
  • Add preferences, which aren't mandatory but carry more weight if a job seeker possesses them.
  • Analyze your chosen "clones" by referencing their resumes, and LinkedIn profiles, or conducting interviews.

Checkboxes labeled "Yes" indicate a requirement, while "No" signifies that it is not necessary. If all your clones have a "No" for a specific requirement, it shouldn't even be considered a preference.

2. Understand the Target Job Seeker: Utilize our "Value Proposition Canvas" worksheet (you can download this for free too!) to craft content that resonates with the job seeker and compels them to apply.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the Value Proposition Canvas.
  2. Define the target segment. Fill out the canvas separately for each clone with a different background.
  3. Focus on the target employee. Insert their name and identify the "gains" they sought when they left their previous job to work for you.
  4. Evaluate your offer. Ask yourself how your offer helps the target employee achieve their desired gains. Consider factors like flexibility, competitive pay and benefits, remote work opportunities, and growth prospects.
  5. Repeat the above steps for each target segment.

You can attract highly qualified applicants and convince them to join your organization!

Writing an exceptional job ad requires thorough preparation and understanding of your target job seeker. By investing time in validating requirements and grasping what motivates potential candidates, you can attract highly qualified applicants and convince them to join your organization. Rushing to post a job ad without this crucial groundwork risks attracting the wrong candidates or failing to capture the interest of the right ones.

Check out these worksheets to gather valuable insights that will enable you to write job ads that resonate and connect with the right job seekers.

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