Value Proposition Canvas

A guide to writing job ads in a way that speaks to the pains of job seekers and conveys what they will gain by working for you.

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What's Inside?

  • A guide to ensure you're extending enough benefits and opportunities to attract qualified candidates.

  • The ability to better your job experiences and offer more to your employees and those you bring on board.

  • Opportunity to better your job ads.

  • A tool to finding passive candidates that are currently working for your competitors.

  • The power to fill your key positions.

Value Proposition Canvas

How to Use the Value Proposition Canvas

It's easy to focus on your wants and needs when writing job ads for a job within your organization. Utilizing the Value Proposition Canvas will allow you to write job ads up in a way that speaks to the job seeker. It helps you determine and then portray the opportunity for gain by relieving the pains the candidates currently feel elsewhere.

This guide can be a powerful tool for transforming your job ads and will convince qualified, eager candidates that they can not pass up the opportunity you're offering.

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