Articles: Company Culture

By: Callie Hansen

The Ongoing Evolution of the Performance Review

Employers are ditching performance ratings in annual performance reviews. We break down why you should get rid of ratings and implement a new review process.

improve strategic think in HR department

By: Angie Rupp

5 Steps to Strategic Thinking – Shattering HR Strategy Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions when it comes to business strategy. We outline 5 steps that will improve strategic thinking in your HR department.

By: Taryn Barnes

The Perils of Poor Onboarding

We share 3 problems your organization may be experiencing during the onboarding of new hires. From bad paperwork, to lack of training, to no mentor.

By: Heidi Barnett

Women in Tech – SheTech Conference

SheTech helped over 900 girls cultivate their interests in math, science, and tech. We talk to Sara Jones about the event & how it helps more women in tech.

By: Amelia Wilcox

Corporate Wellness: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Learn tips on how to improve your employment engagement through corporate wellness tips such as productive naps, office zen, exercise, eating healthy.

disengaged employee at work


5 Ways to Turn a Talented Employee into a Disengaged Worker

Your workforce is your biggest asset. Are you doing any of these 5 things to make them disengaged? Learn more about how to keep your talent happy & engaged.

By: Ryan Kohler

Focus On the Long Term in HR

In this article we discuss why it is important to focus on the long term with your company and how that will effect your job in HR.

By: Ryan Kohler

Bridging The Gap – Think How Your CEO Thinks

Learn how bridging the gap in your company between HR and management to help your company succeed.

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