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Using Transparency To Reduce Turnover

48% of employees have left a job because it wasn't what they anticipated.

A study conducted by HR Dive found that nearly half of employees have turned over after starting a job that didn't meet their expectations.

When an employee turns over, the loss goes far beyond just the cost of posting a new job.

You should also consider the time it takes to screen candidates, go through the interview process, onboard, and train new employees.

Along with that, running background checks and drug screenings can be costly and time-consuming, but it's easily avoidable if you're intentional in the way you advertise your positions.

Transparency is key

In today's video, I'm teaching all about how being transparent throughout your job ads and hiring process will help you hire better candidates and reduce your turnover.

Write Better Job Ads Today!

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Set clear expectations

This is one of the easiest things you can do to attract great candidates that know what they're signing up for from the moment they apply.

Keep in mind, job seekers have access to easily find out almost anything they want to about a job or company by checking reviews on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, so it’s best to just be open!

Talk about the good, and the "bad"

A con for one person could be a pro to somebody else. For example, a fast-paced work environment can sound stressful to some, but exciting to others.

Being upfront is a great way to filter out candidates that don't fit your roles. Think about it… Do you really want someone who would be uncomfortable with your work environment to apply?

That would be a waste of your time and theirs if you were to move them forward in the hiring process. Imagine all the effort and resources you could save by laying that information out in your ad from the start!

What does a great ad consist of?

Wondering how you can make your job ad crystal clear? Make sure to include information about your companies culture, what the management is like, potential growth opportunities, and what a day in the life is like in the role you’re hiring for. This will help job seekers get an idea of what it would be like to work for your organization. For additional ideas, make sure to watch the video and learn how you can attract great talent that will stick around for the long run.

Remember, almost half of workers leave jobs because they're not what they expected. Don't blindside your new hires! Check out our Guide to Writing a Killer Job Ad to learn how you can write great job ads with clear expectations and reduce your turnover rate today!

Learn how to write a killer job ad

Want to learn how to write better job ads?

Download our "Guide to Writing a Killer Job Ad" now! This guide will walk you step-by-step through the process of writing job ads that get dramatic results.

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