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Pre-employment Assessments Are an Essential Tool for Your Hiring Process

Do you find it hard to really get to know who your applicants are? Do you wonder if you're getting a good, clear snapshot of who you are looking to hire? Sometimes an application or resume just can't give you what's needed in order for you to know if you're looking at the right candidate.

What are pre-employment assessments?

A pre-employment assessment is a test that a job candidate can take at the request of a potential employer. These pre-employment assessments can predict how well the candidate will perform in the new position, their personality fit, top skills, knowledge, and projected retainability.

Applicants may be asked to take an assessment when they apply or later in the hiring process.

Once complete, the potential employer will have a snapshot of the candidate that can ultimately assist in the decision process, helping to ensure you make the right decision in your hiring.

Pre-employment assessments are important for a number of reasons.

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Here are some of the key benefits:


Pre-employment assessments provide an objective way to evaluate job candidates. During interviews, the interviewer can possibly be influenced by subjective biases. Assessments are designed to measure specific skills, abilities, and traits required for the job...removing those biases.


Assessments can help streamline the hiring process by quickly identifying candidates who are not a good fit for the job. This can save time and resources in the long run...who doesn't want to save time and resources?

Prediction of future performance:

Pre-employment assessments are often predictive of future job performance. By identifying candidates with the right skills, abilities, and traits for the job, assessments can help hiring managers make more informed hiring decisions and get the right person for the job.


Certain assessments, such as those used to measure cognitive ability, are legally defensible and can help employers demonstrate compliance with equal employment opportunity laws...an excellent way to protect yourself and your company.

Employee Development:

Pre-employment assessments can also be used to identify areas where new hires may need additional training or development. This can help employers provide targeted support to ensure new employees are set up for success...it will also broaden the circle of eligible applicants...if you have someone that you really like but they aren't fully qualified, assessments will help you know how trainable they will be.

So should you use pre-employment assessments?

Without pre-employment testing, it can be extremely difficult to identify an applicant's skills or personality with just a resume or application in hand. Using only traditional application methods to get to know your candidates won't always result in the best outcome.

Hiring the wrong person can cost thousands of dollars a year for your organization. Not only will you have to rehire, and retrain, but you could face employee morale problems. Employees will be left to pick up the pieces of a position that should have been filled...something all employers should want to avoid!

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