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What do you offer job seekers to help you stand out against the competition?

What experiences does your company offer that allows you to stand out against your competitors?

It is important to always be looking for ways to improve your company! Not only will this attract more candidates, but it will also skyrocket your retention rate!

Constantly looking for ways to improve and to stand out shows your employees that you care about them and their happiness and demonstrates to them that you value their hard work.

How can we enhance job appeal?

Make your job stand out!

A job is one thing, but a job that employee's enjoy is another. Discover how you can create a better job with our Company Comparison tool!

To attract exceptional candidates, it's essential to focus on improving the job itself. Consider what sets your company apart from others in the industry.

Put yourself in the shoes of job seekers out there. When they are scrolling through pages and pages of job ads on all the job boards, what will they see in your job ad that will entice them to click on it and apply? Highlight the unique offerings that make working for your company desirable.

If you have the exact same offerings as everyone else, or even worse...if your pay is below the average, if you don't offer decent benefits, if your company culture doesn't sound exciting, etc...they're going to skip right over you. They will move on and apply to those companies that stand out with their offerings.

How do I do a company comparison to make sure my jobs and job ads stand out against the competition?

To ensure your jobs and job ads stand out against the competition, conducting a company comparison is vital. Our free Company Comparison Worksheet tool simplifies the process.

It will have you digging into:

  1. What your company has to offer. What are some of the selling points you have to offer that make you stand out?
  2. What does your competition have to offer? What do other companies in your same industry offer that you may not that is attractive to job seekers?
  3. This one is a little difficult to do...but it'll ask you to seek out some negatives about your company or your jobs. What are things you get complaints about frequently? What aspects of your jobs do you feel drive applicants away? Sometimes these things are hard to admit, but recognizing the negatives will help improve your chances of getting the top talent out there!
  4. What can you offer that'll make you stand out? Compare and contrast what you discovered by doing steps 1-3 with your competition. Are there things you can add to your job offerings or things you can change to knock out some of the negatives and add more positives?

Start attracting the best job seekers out there!

By utilizing our Company Comparison Worksheet tool, you can determine the unique value you offer job seekers and discover ways to implement new experiences that make your company an appealing workplace. Enhancing your company's offerings will help you stand out against competitors, attracting the best job seekers in the market.

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