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What are you offering that'll make job seekers want to work for you?

It's easy to focus on your wants and needs when writing job ads for a job within your organization. But how is focusing on what you want going to help you find quality applicants?

The truth of the matter is...It's not!

You need to start focusing on your target job seekers' wants and needs!

We have a tool that can help you to do just that! We call it our Value Proposition Canvas.

What is the Value Proposition Canvas?

It is's a guide to writing job ads in a way that speaks to the pains of job seekers and helps them understand what they will gain by working for you.

How do I know the pains of my job seekers and what they hope to gain by working for me?

Value Proposition Canvas

Attract more applicants by identifying what's important to your target job seekers!

One way to find this information is to ask your employees! Find those employees who you wish you could clone, the ones you wish you had a million more of and ask them about the pains they felt before they started working for you. Ask them what they were hoping to get out of working for your company. It's that easy!

Another great way to figure this out is to define who your target segment is. When you know WHO you're looking for, you'll have a better idea of WHAT they're looking for!

Are you looking for a specific level of education?

Are you looking for remote workers?

Are you looking for people who can be flexible in their schedule? Etc....

Lastly, take a look at your job offer and compare it to where your target segment is now.

Does it offer your target job seekers what they are looking for?

Is it helping them to escape the pains of the job or situation they are currently in?

Does your offering help them receive the gains they are looking for?

For example: Are you offering them the chance to work remotely?

Is it an increase in pay?

Will they be gaining new experience?

Will this open up opportunities for advancement? Etc...

So how can the Value Proposition Canvas help me?

Utilizing the Value Proposition Canvas will allow you to write job ads in a way that speaks to the job seekers. It will help you determine, and then portray, the opportunity for gain by relieving the pains the candidates currently feel elsewhere.

This guide can be a powerful tool for transforming your job ads! It will convince qualified, eager candidates that they can not pass up the opportunity you're offering.

What's inside?

  • A guide to ensure you're extending enough benefits and opportunities to attract qualified candidates
  • The ability to better your job experiences and offer more to your employees and those you bring on board
  • Opportunity to better your job ads
  • A tool to finding passive candidates that are currently working for your competitors
  • The power to fill your key positions

Are you ready to attract and retain qualified candidates for your key positions?

If so, download our Value Proposition Canvas today...for FREE!

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Get to know your target job seekers!

Write better job ads that speak to your target job seeker with our Value Proposition Canvas

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