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How to Conduct A Job Interview the Right Way

As a CEO, it's not very often that I get to spend my time actually running candidates through the hiring process but this last month, I've been bringing in some new team members.

It's been interesting as I post jobs and conduct interviews, to see how different people react to coming in and meeting me.

The more I interview... the more I get to thinking, how does this person sitting across from me feel right now?

It's easy to get caught up in asking your questions and checking all the boxes...

But what about the candidate?

Think about the last time you had a job interview. What questions did you have in your head?

I'm sure you were probably curious about benefits, flexibility, maybe you had a vacation coming up that you would need time off for...

These are the kind of questions that candidates usually skip over in fear of not being considered further, but they're important things to know!

So what can you do to make applicants feel comfortable enough to ask those hard questions, and how will that help your organization bring in more talent?

I’m covering this in today's video, and I promise it’s a lot more simple than you think. Check it out.

Job Interview Questions

Download our list of 20 common interview questions that your candidates have likely considered before an interview.

Companies always talk about their employees being their biggest assets, but when making the first impression with potential hires, they rarely even think to show that.

It's not as easy as it once was to fill a job, it takes effort and being strategic in your hiring process.

If you don't meet their needs, make them feel comfortable, or answer their questions, it's very likely that another company will.

The low unemployment rate means that candidates have options, and it's your job as an HR manager to make yours sound like the better one.

This is why you need to add value however you can during every interaction, especially during the interview. The easiest way to do that is just showing a little empathy!

Along with considering their perspective you, of course, need great interview questions. That’s why I’m providing you with a free list of 20 common questions that candidates have likely considered before stepping into your office to interview with you.

Download our Job Interview Questions Cheat Sheet to revamp your interview process, stand out from the competition, and quickly turn your best candidates into dedicated and loyal employees.

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Need some ideas on what to ask or talk about during a job interview?

Download our list of 20 common interview questions that your candidates have likely considered before an interview.

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