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It's not magic. Just great hiring solutions.

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Some accomplishments we're proud of.

We love helping people!

ApplicantPro has in business for over 12 years

13 Years

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ApplicantPro has many accomplishments we are proud of
true to our values at ApplicantPro

True to our values.

As we've grown as a company, it's been important to us to clearly define the core values that we use to grow our team, develop our culture, and help shape overall business strategies. Here are our seven core values that we've determined to be most important to our company and that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Core Values at ApplicantPro

Stay Humble

Be Hungry

Think Smart

Solve Problems

Build Confidence

Think Abundantly

Be Authentic

Born and Raised in Utah

We are headquartered in Eagle Mountain, Utah, just down the street from Utah's biggest tech neighborhood, Silicon Slopes. As a software company, we believe that our home is located in a community that allows us to network, grow, and learn from others around us.

While a majority of our employees work out of the Eagle Mountain location, we also have a small working office in Saint George, Utah. A handful of employees, as well as our CEO, produce their best work from the sunniest part of the state.

We care about creating hiring software that will not only help your team succeed, but make life easier for everyone involved along the way.

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How it all started.

ApplicantPro was born in 2007 after two dudes realized the need for a simple, effective hiring solution, that any HR professional could apply to their everyday process. One of those dudes is our now CEO, Ryan Kohler, who has brilliantly grown ApplicantPro from the ground up.

With continual feedback and loyalty, ApplicantPro has become a leading provider of hiring software for over 7,000 organizations. We're pretty proud of how much we've grown in the past 13 years, and excited to see where we take off to next!

We've achieved a lot over the years.

As we began to gain traction, people started noticing. Each year we are recognized by several leading organizations that rank top companies in any industry. Safe to say we've made some waves in the HR world!

While we're excited to be recognized by companies like Inc. 5000, Utah 100, and Utah Business Magazine, we're even more excited to produce a solution that satisfies our clients' hiring needs, contributes to the HR community, and continues to evolve for the best.

ApplicantPro achievements over the years

Our Products

Ever-growing to meet your needs

Can't stop, won't stop.

As we've brought on more clients and seen HR tech capabilities expand, we've developed additional solutions to meet your needs.

We're more than just an Applicant Tracking System. We offer fully-intergatable products that will further boost your hiring strategy, including background checks, employee onboarding, and pre-employment assessments.

Our goal is to provide easy-to-use solutions that inspire efficiency and optimized hiring practices. We will continue to expand our product offering as new hiring challenges emerge!




Utah 100

Fastest Growing Companies


Inc. 5000

Fastest Growing Companies


Utah 100

Fastest Growing Companies


Utah Business Magazine

40 Under 40 Ryan Kohler


MountainWest Capital Network

Utah 100


Inc. 5000

Fastest Growing Companies


Utah 100

Fastest Growing Companies


Utah Business Magazine

Fast 50


MountainWest Capital Network

Utah 100


Inc. 5000

Fastest Growing Companies


Utah 100

Fastest Growing Companies


MountainWest Capital Network

Utah 100


Inc. 5000

Fastest Growing Companies


Utah 100

Fastest Growing Companies


MountainWest Capital Network

Utah 100


When Work Works Award


Inc. 5000

Fastest Growing Companies


Utah 100

Fastest Growing Companies


MountainWest Capital Network

Utah 100


Inc. 5000

Fastest Growing Companies

ApplicantPro loves growth

Ryan Kohler


Leading the charge!

Ryan's mission is to help companies, managers, and HR teams improve their hiring results. To do this, he and his team strive to create educational content, tools, integrations, and software to help businesses drive their hiring results.

Because he is an entrepreneur and owns a business that involves working with thousands of HR folks, he understands what it takes to bridge the gap between an organization's vision and the goals of HR. Ryan enjoys working one-on-one with these professionals, empowering them to become more technical, teaching them to think more like a Marketer and how to apply these skills towards hiring.

Ryan's goal is to educate and inspire HR professionals to streamline their hiring process, create an applicant-friendly interface, and improve hiring results.

Learn More About Ryan

ApplicantPro products for hiring solutions

We've built a pretty great team!

Meet the ApplicantPro Product team.

The team that is the real brains behind ApplicantPro. They are the ones on the front lines keeping our software optimized and competitive. Their job is to design and build system updates that delight both clients and applicant users alike. They are constantly evolving our product to meet any hiring challenge.

ApplicantPro - Austin

Austin C.

Senior Web Application Developer

ApplicantPro - Blake

Blake B.

Product Manager

ApplicantPro - Bridget

Bridget F.

Director of Product Management

ApplicantPro - Jeremy

Jeremy K.

Product Manager

ApplicantPro - Coby

Coby J.

Software Engineer

ApplicantPro - Damien

Damien V.

Web Developer

ApplicantPro - Kristine

Kristine H.

Account Specialist

ApplicantPro - Luis

Luis D.

Computer Systems Analyst

ApplicantPro - Taeler

Taeler W.

Software Developer

Meet the ApplicantPro Sales team.

We've got a pretty great group of people working to share our product. Our Sales Team's #1 goal is to understanding your challenges and finding you the best solution available. Plus, they're all super easy to work with and will make sure you're happy every step of the way.

Schedule a Demo

ApplicantPro - Sarah

Sarah F.

Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Tracy

Tracy M.

Account Manager

ApplicantPro - Aaron

Aaron L.

Sourcing Manager

ApplicantPro - Abby

Abby G.

Sales Process Specialist

ApplicantPro - Ali

Ali D.

Marketing Assistant

ApplicantPro - Alicia

Alicia B.

Hiring Optimization Specialist

ApplicantPro - Austin

Austin G.

Sales Development Representative

ApplicantPro - Brittnie

Brittnie P.

Sales Process Specialist

ApplicantPro - Caleb

Caleb L.

Account Specialist

ApplicantPro - Cassandra

Cassandra F.

Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Cassie

Cassie M.

Hiring Optimization Specialist

ApplicantPro - Celeste

Celeste B.

Hiring Optimization Specialist

ApplicantPro - Chris

Chris C.

Account Manager

ApplicantPro - Christina

Christina P.

Accounts Specialist

ApplicantPro - Danna

Danna O.

Account Manager

ApplicantPro - Denise

Denise K.

Account Manager & Onboarding Specialist

ApplicantPro - Emilie

Emilie D.

Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Erica

Erica W.

Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Holly

Holly W.

Account Manager

ApplicantPro - Jessica

Jessica G.

Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Keriann

Keriann M.

Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Maureen

Maureen V.

Account Specialist

ApplicantPro - Megan

Megan S.

System Engineer

ApplicantPro - Misti

Misti A.

Sales Process Specialist

ApplicantPro - Myrella

Myrella K.

Hiring Optimization Specialist

ApplicantPro - Reece

Reece B.

Sales Process Specialist

ApplicantPro - Shawn

Shawn P.

Account Manager

ApplicantPro - Steven

Steven S.

Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Vanessa

Vanessa H.

Sales Process Specialist

Meet the ApplicantPro Integrations & Extensions team.

Teaming up with ApplicantPro is more than just a partnership - you become part of our family. Our team of integration and extension experts help with getting partnerships up and running. We're quick, easy to work with, and excited to add you to our team!

Meet the ApplicantPro Support team.

Need help or have a question? These are your go-to people! Our support teams are filled with problem solvers who believe that our clients come first. They handle everything from implementation and training to everyday hiccups. Above all, they're here to help you reach your hiring goals.

ApplicantPro - Ariana

Ariana P.

Director of Client Services

ApplicantPro - Jandi

Jandi D.

Lead Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Kara

Kara K.

Hiring Concierge

ApplicantPro - Sharla

Sharla C.

Job Posting Manager

ApplicantPro - Shawna

Shawna Z.

Partner Relationship Manager

ApplicantPro - Barry

Barry R.

Client Support Representative

ApplicantPro - Becky

Becky B.

Graphic Design Specialist

ApplicantPro - Bella

Bella S.

Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Brandi

Brandi J.

Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Brooke

Brooke G.

Hiring Specialist

ApplicantPro - Cami

Cami H.

Job Poster

ApplicantPro - Caroline

Caroline E.

Job Poster

ApplicantPro - Christine

Christine P.

Hiring Specialist

ApplicantPro - Christine

Christine C.

Client Services Representative

ApplicantPro - Elise

Elise C.

Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Heather

Heather J.

Job Poster

ApplicantPro - Jenny

Jenny E.

Job Poster/Payroll Assistant

ApplicantPro - Jeremy

Jeremy D.

Client Support Representative

ApplicantPro - Julie

Julie S.

Job Poster

ApplicantPro - Laura

Laura B.

Client Support Representative

ApplicantPro - Mackenzie

Mackenzie K.

Client Support Representative

ApplicantPro - Mandy

Mandy C.

Partner Support

ApplicantPro - Marianne

Marianne R.

Job Poster

ApplicantPro - Mindi

Mindi B.

Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Miranda

Miranda S.

Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Rebecca

Rebecca A.

Job Poster

ApplicantPro - Sabrina

Sabrina S.

Job Poster

ApplicantPro - Shanelle

Shanelle P.

Hiring Consultant

ApplicantPro - Stephanie

Stephanie B.

Client Support

ApplicantPro - Valerie

Valerie S.

Job Poster

Meet the ApplicantPro Marketing team.

This team knows how to make ApplicantPro look pretty. When it comes to in-house marketing projects, tradeshows, and events, our marketing team comes up with the brightest material that makes our product stand out from the rest. Oh yeah, and if you ever see us at an event chances are you'll meet some of these smiling faces!

ApplicantPro - Heidi

Heidi B.

Chief Revenue Officer

ApplicantPro - Clint

Clint B.

Director of Marketing

ApplicantPro - Hannah

Hannah T.

Marketing Specialist

ApplicantPro - Heather

Heather W.


ApplicantPro - Lee

Lee B.

UX/UI Designer

ApplicantPro - Lynna

Lynna P.

Client Marketing Manager

ApplicantPro - Molly

Molly K.


Meet the ApplicantPro HR & Accounting team.

Every company has them, but these guys may be the most important players of all! Our experienced team of accountants and HR pros help with anything and everything that has to do with keeping ApplicantPro up and running.

ApplicantPro - Heather

Heather W.


ApplicantPro - Tracie

Tracie K.

Human Resources Manager

ApplicantPro - Amber

Amber H.

Accounts Receivables

ApplicantPro - Camijo

Camijo A.

Receptionist & Office Assistant

ApplicantPro - Denise

Denise F.


ApplicantPro - Heather

Heather M.

A/R Lead

ApplicantPro - Jill

Jill F.

Accounting Assistant/Office Manager

ApplicantPro - Tricia

Tricia T.

Jr. Accountant