Tracking System for Applicants: Your Solution to Hiring Woes

Without an efficient tracking system for applicants, hiring managers often run into the following problems and don’t have a proper solution to fix them:

  • Miscommunication between applicant and manager
  • No affirmative action plan
  • Too many physical copies of resumes to sort through
  • An overload of applicants
  • Not enough applicants
  • Inability to stay engaged in the hiring process

Fortunately, ApplicantPro has created a simple yet all-encompassing solution to these hiring complications. With our applicant tracking software, designed specifically to help small to medium-sized companies, you no longer need to stress about where to file paper resumes or how to weed out unpromising applicants.

How Does Our Software Help?

Here’s how it works: We set up a career website for you modeled after your company’s website. You don’t have to bring your IT department into the process, or worry about setup or maintenance. Once the page is complete, you can publish whatever job postings you like. But we don’t just offer software: we provide a solution. Here are other benefits that come from using our applicants tracking system:

  • Job Alerts. If you’re having trouble coordinating with applicants, or you have a number of them wanting to know their status, or you are worried job seekers aren’t finding your ad, the job alerts in our software can help with that. Your career website allows those who sign up to receive email notifications every time you post a new job. Plus, applicants will also receive an automatic confirmation email once they have finished applying for a job.
  • Affirmative Action Plan Tracking Software. If your human resources department struggles to keep up with data entry on hiring spreadsheets, let ApplicantPro collect the required data, including race and gender, and store it in your applicant database. This is hidden from hiring managers but tracked for reporting purposes.
  • Online Application Tracking. With ApplicantPro’s tracking system, you’ll no longer have to sift through hundreds of paper resumes. All the applications you receive will be electronic, and they will have been screened before you see them so you’re not wasting your time looking over resumes that don’t fit what you’re looking for.
  • Job Push and Screening Process. All the job postings on your career website will instantly be pushed to free job boards like, SimplyHired and Jobster so you can expand your applicant pool. While filling out the application, applicants will be asked specific screening questions in order to cut the applicant pool down to the most promising candidates.
  • Free Training for Managers. Not only do we give each manager his or her own login, but we provide free training for the managers so they know exactly how to use our applicant tracking system for small and medium-sized companies.

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ApplicantPro offers the solution to your hiring stresses through our tracking system for applicants. As a web based application tracking system, you’ll no longer have to worry about dealing with physical copies of resumes and wondering where to file them or how to glean pertinent information from them all. However, our product is more than just a tracking system. It is software for human resource management focused on making the lives of human resource managers easier. Don’t take our word for it, though. Find out for yourself by taking our recruitment management system for a free 30-day test drive today.