Resume Management Software Designed for Small to Mid-Sized Employers

Resume management software is expected when you’re applying to big corporations with large budgets and large staff sizes. But small and mid-size companies are often left sorting through large stacks of resumes and having to collect pertinent screening data and enter it into a hand-made spreadsheet.

ApplicantPro provides a powerful recruiting software solution to streamline your hiring process. With our team of account reps, support staff, programmers and management, we take the hassle out of hiring. Without involving your IT Team and requiring just three days and a brief interview with your HR manager, we create an applicant tracking system that

  • enhances your hiring pool
  • reduces the time and effort it takes to screen candidates
  • makes it easy to correspond and coordinate with candidates
  • allows your promising candidates to rise to top of your interview list without detracting from your other HR duties

At ApplicantPro, we target small and mid-sized employers because we know that smaller companies are often overlooked by software developing teams that focus on Fortune 500 companies. Our goal isn’t to be everything to everyone, but to provide genuine support to you throughout your hiring process.

Why ApplicantPro’s Recruiting Software is Better

One of the many things that set us apart from other application tracking systems is our unique pricing model. Here’s a list of listing the advantages of our pricing system:

  1. We do not base our HR management software fees on the number of logins used.
  2. We’ve created a pricing structure based on the number of your employees, not logins.
  3. Our structure allows us to provide reasonable prices for the smallest of clients.
  4. It allows us to increase fees for larger clients who want to use our system.
  5. We’ve determined that the average ApplicantPro client spends less than per year.

Benefits from Working with ApplicantPro’s HR Management Software

Companies sign up for our services not only because of the price. They also appreciate that:

  1. We don’t require any help from your IT or marketing staff for setup. We designed our HR management software to enable us to launch your branded careers website without needing too much information or help from your company.
  2. We don’t charge you for personalized training. Why should it cost money to understand the system we just set up for you? At ApplicantPro, we provide one-on-one personalized training, a user guide, a self-paced video training and helpful hints.
  3. Our system allows applicant screening. Before you post a job, you can create ten resume screening questions that will help filter out individuals who just aren’t right for the job. Since it’s so easy to upload resumes online, you may have applicants applying that don’t even read the job post. Let our system sift through those unwanted resumes and bring you best through our standard or customized reporting.

Try ApplicantPro’s Resume Management Software for Free: Get our 30 Day Demo

Let ApplicantPro’s resume management software remove the headaches that come with hiring. Along with an easy setup, no setup fee, and free ongoing support, ApplicantPro has hiring software, a resume management tracking system, and applicant tracking software for small business. Take our software for a
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