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Pre-Employment Testing

Assessments that are legal, reliable, and validated.

Why use pre-employment testing?

Without pre-employment testing, it can be nearly impossible to identify an applicant’s skills along with their personality with just a resume or application in hand. And hiring the wrong person can be costly to you and your organization. The actual termination process can be tough for all involved. The time spent training and now retraining not to mention recruiting and interviewing time results in thousands of dollars a year annually. Also, terminations within an organization hurt employee morale, making employees concerned about their affecting productivity overall while requiring them to pick up the pieces where the terminated employee left off. That is where pre-employment testing is an invaluable tool.

Pre-employment tests are a standardized measurement tools that help ensure a safe, productive, and satisfying work environment. Using them makes hiring a statistical and data based decision that helps reduce risk of a bad hire and all of the ramifications that come with it.

Our pre-employment tests help you assess your applicants’ skills, abilities, knowledge competencies, intellectual capacity, and personality characteristics against not only other applicants in your pool but also against the top talent within your organization.

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Types of pre-employment tests we offer:

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Skills Tests

  • Math skills tests
  • Clerical skills tests
  • Mechanical skills tests
  • Computer skills tests
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Job Fit Assessments

  • Sales ability
  • Service disposition
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Work Values Tests

  • Trustworthiness
  • Rules adherence
  • Illegal drug use attitudes
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Typing Tests

  • Words per minute (wpm)
  • Typing accuracy

Here’s how our pre-employment testing works.

At ApplicantPro, we understand that there is risk involved with hiring and we want to reduce that risk as much as possible with our validated, legal, and reliable pre-employment testing. The automation makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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