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Pre-Employment Testing

Assessments that are legal, reliable, and validated.

Why use pre-employment testing?

Without pre-employment testing, it can be nearly impossible to identify an applicant’s skills or personality with just a resume or application in hand. Using only traditional application methods to get to know your candidate, often does not result in the best outcome. Hiring the wrong person can cost thousands of dollars a year for your organization. Not only will you have to rehire, and retrain, but you could face employee morale problems. Employees will be left wondering what if, and left to pick up the pieces of a position that should have been filled.

At ApplicantPro our assessments are here to help your organization easily identify the candidates that you want. The pre-employment tests are simple and customizable. Whether you need behavioral tests, cognitive tests, skill tests or a combination of all of them, our integrations can be modified to fit your hiring needs.

Although we offer a wide range of assessments, we understand that not all our integrations are the same as yours. The best part about ApplicantPro is we can integrate your own pre-employment assessment software! We have experts ready to help you place these integrations into your ApplicantPro system.

Use these existing integrations or let us integrate your existing assessment software!