Products - Applicant Tracking Overview

Applicant Tracking

It is time to stop collecting resumes over email. You know it is true! Tracking applicants with spreadsheets is not reliable either. And filing cabinets? Yeah. Those are bad news as well. It is time for a change. It is time to optimize your hiring process with ApplicantPro's applicant tracking system.

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Products - Background Checks Overview

Background Checks

Does your applicant have a questionable past? Do you need to know what they did in a former life? Could you be taking a risk by hiring that applicant? You owe it to your company, fellow employees, and shareholders to know the answers to all of these questions. Find out who you are really hiring with ApplicantPro's background checks!

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Products - Assessments Overview


Pre-employment tests are a standardized measurement tools that help ensure a safe, productive, and satisfying work environment. Using them makes hiring a statistical and data based decision that helps reduce risk of a bad hire and all of the ramifications that come with it. Our pre-employment tests help you assess your applicants' skills, abilities, knowledge competencies, intellectual capacity, and personality characteristics against not only other applicants in your pool but also against the top talent within your organization.

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Products - Employee Onboarding Overview

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is the process of which a newly hired employee gets adjusted to his or her new role in the company. Onboarding includes not only performance aspects of their job, but legal paperwork, and the attitude of an organization as well. In ApplicantPro's effort to provide quality hiring software, we have teamed up with amazing partners that offer integrated onboarding solutions to our clients.

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Products - Video Interviewing Overview

Video Interviewing

Simplify with video interviewing. Think of all the time you spend playing phone tag trying to schedule those phone screens and initial interviews, let alone the time spent conducting them. The common problem when scheduling phone interviews? You work 9am - 5pm. Your applicants work 9am - 5pm. You leave them a message. They leave you a message. Once you finally get them all finished, your time to hire has been extended by days or weeks!

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