Hannah Michelle

Hiring Expert, aPHR

Meet Hannah

HRCI & SHRM Approved Speaker

Hannah Michelle has been teaching companies and organizations how to hire better by sharing the knowledge and learnings ApplicantPro has gained over the past 17 years servicing almost 10,000 organizations. She presents at different conferences around the US, hosts regular educational webinars, and has a podcast called Hannah Talks Hiring where she interviews different professionals in the HR and hiring space. She loves helping HR professionals and business owners understand what they have the power to do to improve their hiring results, despite the currency uncertainty of the labor market.

If you want a dynamic, effective speaker for your HR event, Hannah is your gal. She has spoken at multiple HR events in the past, and love's sharing her knowledge to help people up their hiring game!

Hannah is able to offer SHRM and HRCI credits for her talks if that is something you are looking for. Below are some of the topics that have been presented at past events and can be presented at future ones. Want Hannah to speak at one of your events? Let us know!

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“Hannah brought great energy, creative thinking, and very relevant content. She brought primary research and practical content that engaged the audience and challenged our thinking, which is exactly what we needed.”

David K.

Human Resources Director for Lehi City

“Her energy and passion for making things better for both people and organizations is clear and contagious. I highly recommend her as an idea generator/communicator and a human.”

Rebecca S.

IPMA HR Utah Chapter President

Topics Hannah is Ready to Speak On:

The Recruiting Flywheel

The Recruiting Flywheel: Build the Talent Engine to get the Applicants You Need

The recruiting process is one big spinning flywheel. The goal is to keep it balanced and push it to the point of inertia so it continues to spin faster, and with less effort. Hannah will teach you how to build, optimize and expand your recruiting flywheel in order to proactively fuel your talent engine and thrive in this hyper-competitive job market!

Beyond the Job Board

Beyond the Job Board: Building an Employee Referral Program to Attract the Highest Quality Candidates

In the search for a quality hire, the data is clear: employee referrals are #1. However, most companies struggle to create an employee referral program that gets results. Hannah will teach the secrets to creating the perfect employee referral program that is cost-effective, attracts the highest quality candidates, reduces the amount of time HR spends sifting & screening through short-skilled applicants, and is 100% in their control-unlike job boards and recruiters. The best part? It's in equation form - get ready to add, subtract and multiply the best pieces of your hiring strategy to maximize results!

How to Write a Killer Job Ad

How to Write a Killer Job Ad

The key to ensuring you hire the best fit for your open positions involves getting as many qualified job seekers to apply for your job openings as possible. And in today's virtually dominated world, that's no easy feat. Many of the traditional corporate recruiting methods used to assemble a quality applicant pool have become outdated in our modern tech-savvy domain. Hannah will help bridge the gap between HR compliance and qualified applicants by providing a general overview of the job board optimization process as well as outlining the three key components to writing a killer job posting.