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Hack Your Way Through the COVID-19 Hiring Crisis

There's no doubt COVID-19 has already made it's drastic impact on the world. And in a lot of ways, as an HR professional, let's face it... you're on the front line of this battle.

There are companies across the nation who have had to dramatically shift gears -- learning how to work remotely, changing business models, mass amounts of company-wide layoffs, several industries needing more help to provide resources, and a whole lot of uncertainty.

My heart goes out to each and every one of you. I know exactly where you're at, and I want you to know, I'm here for you.

While today's video may not be like my normal videos, I wanted to touch on how you can "hack" your way through this challenging time and the 5 things that you, as a hiring professional, should be focusing on while hiring during this pandemic.

  • 1. Create a clear expectation of who you need to hire.

    Now, I'm not talking about job descriptions. Instead, who do you know that would be perfect for this job? Find the person that fits what you're looking for and engage them. Don't focus on the tasks they would be asked to do, or the "what" of the job -- simply focus on the who.

  • 2. Write an ad to attract that type of person

    It's crucial to write an authentic, honest, and transparent ad. Be completely open about the pain you"re experiencing, and what you're trying to do to solve it. Be honest about the position and what it will look like during this chaotic time.

  • 3. Come up with a screening process that works for you

    For me, this means coming up with really good screening questions that will easily sift through the candidates that are not going to be a good fit. I also rely heavily on assessments to provide a greater insight into a candidate's skills, knowledge, and personality.

  • 4. Use tools to your advantage

    Along with assessments, there are so many other helpful tools out there that can help you look beyond a candidate's application and resume to get a better feel for if they'd be a good fit for the job. Using video or audio recorded interviews can provide a way to get to know your applicants while still keeping your distance.

  • 5. Find the capacity to pull through

    This is a tough one. And to be honest, at times, I feel like I don't have the mental capacity to engage everyday with all of this added chaos. But, this final step is crucial. Find the mental and emotional capacity to push through the entire hiring process to ensure you're not hiring a potentially unfit candidate out of desperation... that is crucial.

If you're going through a lot of fear and anxiety right now due to all the uncertainty brought on by COVID-19 -- you're not alone. I hope these tips and tricks can help lift a weight off your shoulders to lighten your load so you can breathe a little easier.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and as always... Good luck hiring!

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