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Growth Hack Your Qualified Applicant Flow with Keyword Optimization

We've talked before about how hiring is a lot like marketing and how to optimize your inbound hiring process...

And to you, in HR, that may sound weird... but if you aren't implementing a marketing outlook on your hiring strategies... you're already falling behind.

So today, I wanna talk to you about how you can use SEO techniques to optimize your qualified applicant flow.

Because, let's face it... just because your job ad is on a job board, doesn't mean it's getting seen by qualified job seekers.

That's why keyword research can be KEY to reaching qualified applicants for your jobs.

In this week's video, I'll share with you how you can find the best keywords for your jobs based on the words job seekers are searching for the most.

Increase your applicant flow with the right keywords!

Learn how easy it is to pick the right keywords for your open jobs that will attract those candidates you are looking for.

We all want to increase the number of ad views from job boards... so here is how we go about solving this;

  1. Read through your job ad and make a list of keywords -- Compile job titles, skills, and duties.
  2. Return to your job board and search those keywords -- Read through your competitor's various job ads with the keywords and add others to your list.
  3. Collect old job resumes and continue to build your list.
  4. Grade by popularity on a site like to consolidate your list into the top keywords that are searched by job seekers.
  5. Go back to your ad and make sure you're including those keywords into your ad.

Don't pack your job ad with keywords every other word, but be sure your job ad sounds natural.

Download my free, proven Keyword Selection tool and walk through the process of finding the best keywords for your job ads and watch as your job ads creep higher and higher on job boards.

hr using search for job ad keywords

Increase your applicant flow with the right keywords!

It might sound too easy but it works! Download our Keyword Selection worksheet today and learn how easy it is to pick the right keyword for your open jobs that will attract those candidates you are looking for.

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