Youth Mentor Sample Job Description Template

Youth Mentor Sample Job Description Template


Fulltime/Part Time

Our organization is looking for a dynamic, positive, and dependable youth mentor to work part time being a positive role model for our clients.

About your company

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If you are someone that thrives when are you not doing the same thing every single day, then this would be a good fit for you. Everyday provides a new experience for our staff. If you prefer to be doing something different everyday then we want you to join our team. When you become part of the Hope team, you not only our becoming part of organization, you are part of a family full of dynamic individuals that are driven to create a positive environment for teenage boys who have going through some life changing experiences. Hope is not able to be successful without a team of individuals to make this possible. We are looking for dependable individuals who are motivated to spend time with others and get to know the stories of the others.

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A Day in the Life of a Youth Mentor

The day to day life of a youth mentor can be extremely rewarding, but with any reward comes challenges. A typical day shift at Hope includes assisting the boys on their day to day activities which includes, helping them get ready in the morning and for bed, preparing their meals, taking them to appointments, tutoring, participating in extracurricular activities. etc. You will be a part of their daily life and your responsibilities will take over during the time that they are away from their homes. These responsibilities will not be the same everyday but you do have to plan on being a bit of a rule enforcer every day.


We are looking for someone dependable that can enforce the rules and also being a strong role model. It’s so important for this person to be reliable, dependable, and dynamic because how much time you will spend with these teens. While it is not required that you have a degree for this role, we are looking for these three qualities. We look to hire people who have team building skills, and have spent some time tutoring. Although, not having previous experience working as mentor will not bar you from having an opportunity to work with us. We don’t expect you to walk into this job knowing how to do everything right off the bat. In this job, every day will allow for a new learning experience. We have been an organization for a long time now so we have the training process down. There will be an initial training period where you will be shown the ins and outs and the flow of how everything operates.

Work Schedule

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Sample Job Description Template