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Maximize Applicant Flow From Job Boards

Inside this guide you will find:

  • 6 proven techniques that are GUARANTEED to increase the number of applicants that you get from the job boards by 50-300%!
  • Tips to graduate from job poster to job marketer.
  • Ways to easily find the right keywords that are unique to your jobs and how a proper job title impacts traffic to your job ads.
  • Key information on why your employer rating, job ad, and application process needs to be optimized.

Job Boards are Search Engines and they Reward Specific Drivers

Over the past 10 years, job boards have transitioned away from job categories and metamorphosed into proper search engines. This isn't apparent on the surface, but the evolution of job boards has completely changed how candidates search and find jobs. More importantly, it has created new opportunities for job marketers to increase results by adjusting their job ads.

guide to maximizing job board results

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Increase your applicant flow by 50-300%

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choose the right keywords

Are We Speaking the Same Language?

"Furbaby Stylist" vs. "Dog Groomer". Which job title do you believe job seekers will search for? Trust me, I enjoy a fun job title and in-house lingo but they might be just that, fun. Keywords are one of the cornerstones of a successful job ad. They are also one of the fundamental elements that job boards use to generate results. Using the right keywords in the right places will dramatically change your results.

Company Ratings and Reviews

When searching for a new product or service, I usually gravitate to the reviews section. And if you're like me it's because we trust other people more than we trust the brand. This holds just as much power regarding your company ratings on Glassdoor and Indeed.

check your reviews and ratings
write an engaging job ad

Straight Forward Application Process + Engaging Job Ad = Job Board Power Couple

Find out why your job ad needs to be one killer cake topper in the candidate job searching journey. And if your job ad is the cake topper then your application process should be organized into stable tiers. We will cover a few basics why a properly structured application process and job ad will be your final keys to job board success.

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