Volunteer Coordinator Sample Job Description Template

Volunteer Coordinator Sample Job Description Template


Fulltime/Part Time

We are looking for a passionate, fun, and positive Volunteer Coordinator to manage our fantastic volunteers who make our nonprofit a successful organization.

Company Description

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A Day in the Life of a Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers are essential to a non-profit! The coordinator makes sure the organization is running smoothly by recruiting, staffing, training, and celebrating volunteers! Your job is to make sure that we have volunteers to fill positions all over the organization. Your main goal will be recruiting, training, and community outreach for WHM. Not only is recruiting volunteers important, but celebrating and appreciating the ones who make our organization as great as it is- is key. Making sure our volunteers are comfortable in their positions and are always up to date is essential. Responsibilities of a volunteer coordinator include:

  • Scheduling daily positions for all volunteers.
  • Coordinating tours of museums for guests.
  • Assist in trainings for volunteers as well as coordinating
  • Point of contact for volunteers to express questions, concerns, etc.
  • Creating monthly newsletter
  • Recruiting volunteers by attending outreach events and using marketing tools
  • Plan special events to recognize volunteers
  • Write job descriptions for all various volunteer positions


First and foremost, it’s more than just staffing. Our volunteers are extremely important to us, that we want to make sure the person in charge or this area is caring and finds in extremely important to celebrate our volunteers. We are looking for someone who possesses a Bachelor’s Degree and it’s vital that this person has excellent communication skills, is service minded, and has exceptional organizational skills.

Work Schedule

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Sample Job Description Template