Telemarketer Sample Job Description Template

Telemarketer Sample Job Description Template


Fulltime/Part Time

We are looking for a telemarketer who can provide excellent customer service. The person we are looking for will have fantastic communication skills and is comfortable with spending the majority of this job being on the phone. This ideal candidate will bring in revenue and success to our company by assisting customers by listening to their needs, selling products and benefits, handling complaints, and keeping accurate information of customers’ accounts.

Company Description

[Insert company description here]

This section should briefly describe the history of your credit union, your values, and what it’s like to work there. Make sure to emphasise the work culture experienced by your employees.

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A Day in the Life of a Telemarketer

A typical day as a telemarketer consists of answering phone calls and assisting customers with their needs. Also, making cold calls to potential customers and explaining our services, demonstrating how products work, meet sales quotas, listen and fix complaints that clients might have.


  • Follow sales scripts to give information about products and the benefits
  • Recommend products based on customer’s needs
  • Assist customers when they have complaints and follow up with solutions
  • Keep record of all calls, client’s information, etc.
  • Go “above and beyond” with meeting sales quotas and offer customers additional products that meet your needs

Work Schedule

[Add schedule here]

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Sample Job Description Template