Registered Nurse Sample Job Description Template

Registered Nurse Sample Job Description Template


We are on the search for an all star registered nurse. Our department believes that a patient at ease is easier to treat. From child-themed rooms with murals, soft lighting, flat screen TVs and DVD players, to sports-themed rooms filled with memorabilia, St. Michael’s is designed to help patients relax and heal. We are also equipped with an on-site, full service diagnostic lab, CT scan, x-ray, and bedside Ultrasound.

Company Description

[Insert Company Description Here]

This section should describe a little bit about the history of the company, talk about culture and what it’s like to work there, and give a few details on company values and expectations.

Example: Our healthcare company has been in business for the last 10 years. We believe in working hard, but keeping a balance in your everyday life. With an ideal location and a team that has worked hard to make the company what it is today, you can’t go wrong.

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A Day in the Life of a Registered Nurse:

Everyday you come ready to be the front lines of health care. Aside from EMS, you must be prepared to be the first face in one’s time of need. During times of high stress you must keep a calm demeanor, use excellent nursing skills, quick-thinking, and ultimately dedicate yourself to your patient's’ recovery. Throughout your shift, you’ll tirelessly attend to patients of all ages with various medical needs using the education you worked so hard to obtain. From acute trauma to chronic illnesses to lacerations to fractures and everything in between, you will be making a difference in the lives of our patients and our community.


  • Relevant education and experience
  • Valid Nursing License
  • Passion for delivering quality nursing care
  • Caring and compassionate demeanor

Work Schedule

[Add schedule here]

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Sample Job Description Template