Hotel Guest Services Sample Job Description Template

Hotel Guest Services Sample Job Description Template


Each and every day is a chance to be better than the last. Strap on your smile and head into work eager to divvy out the best customer service you can muster. We want you to take charge and make every person feel like it is their first time with us! You’ll be leading each shift with confidence and always find new ways to keep smiles on all of our guests faces.

Company Description:

[Insert Company Description Here]

This section should describe a little bit about the history of the company, talk about culture and what it’s like to work there, and give a few details on company values and expectations.

Example: Our hotel has been in business for the last 10 years. We believe in working hard, but keeping a balance in your everyday life. With an ideal location and a team that has worked hard to make the company what it is today, you can’t go wrong.

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A Day in the Life of a Hotel Guest Services

Each day you will answer telephone calls from guests seeking to make or cancel hotel reservations. You will be responsible for greeting arriving guests, assigning rooms, issuing keys, and collecting guest payments and billing information. You knowledge will answer guest requests for assistance and coordinate with housekeeping, bell service, staff and management to fulfill guest requirements. Provide guests with access to hotel services, forward in-room meal requests, and ensure that mail, faxes and packages are delivered in a timely manner. You can keep calm while you deal with irate guests and find ways to resolve issues to the guest's satisfaction. There may be times where you will also serve as concierges, assisting guests with ground transportation, restaurant or entertainment reservations, and providing other information about the locale.


  • Have a friendly disposition and upbeat attitude in a customer interactions.
  • Background in customer service or hospitality may be helpful.
  • Must demonstrate responsibility, friendliness and proper grooming.
  • Must be proficient and honest in handling money and other transactions.

Work Schedule

[Add schedule here]

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Sample Job Description Template