Software Advice Features ApplicantPro as an ATS Favorite

ApplicantPro Author - Ryan Kohler
by Ryan Kohler
Software Advice, “the leading provider of detailed reviews, comparisons, and research for software buyers” spotlighted ApplicantPro in their New Talent Times Blog as one of their “favorite applicant tracking system user interfaces.”

Erin Osterhaus, who conducts research for Software Advice, had the following to say about our system: “ApplicantPro delivers on its promise to make the hiring process easily trackable, reportable and shareable. We particularly like its candidate assessment feature, which allows recruiters and hiring managers to rate and compare notes on candidates, all in one place. Another useful feature: the “Take Action” button, which allows recruiters to view a shortcut menu for which they could choose to change the candidate’s status in the hiring process, share the candidate with a manager or email the candidate directly-without the added trouble of clicking through multiple screens.”

ApplicantPro is responsible for streamlining the hiring process of over 2500 clients worldwide. Our customers enjoy the satisfaction that comes from an interface that’s easy to use, intuitive, and includes many integrated features like: background checks, pre-employment assessments, onboarding, and video interviewing capabilities.

Software Advice permits users to evaluate features of various applicant tracking systems, make recommendations, and write reviews for each provider. In other words, users have the ability to select a hiring software that fits both the needs of their HR team and the needs of their company as a whole.

We invite our clients to visit the site, explore its many features, and to rate/review your experience with ApplicantPro.

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