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Guide to Job Board Bidding

Job boards are like a massive auction.... think eBay.

Job seekers are the eyes, and employers are bidding to get their jobs seen by the job seekers.

The really aggressive employers are using different techniques to make sure that the job seekers who do view their ads actually engage with their ad and convert into an applicant that ends up in their inbox.

In order for you to find success in the auction for need to analyze your chances of actually winning.

Here's how...

Step one...

Identify the supply for job seekers. How many available job seekers are searching in your area?

Step two...

Identify the demand for job seekers. How many employers are out there trying to engage the same job seekers?

Step three...

Identify how you line up against your competitors. How aggressive are other employers? Do you currently compete in an area with lots of applicants and few employers trying to hire them? Do you live in a place with a low supply of talent, a high demand for talent, and very aggressive employers chasing that talent?

How do I bid so that I will be successful?

Guide to Job Board Bidding

Optimize your job board strategy to ensure you're outbidding your competitor's top talent

This isn't just about money, sponsoring a job, or increasing the pay of the job. Although those things can play their part, there are more important steps to ensure your ad is even in the running.

If your job isn't on the job board, you're not even showing up to the auction and frankly...the rest of this won't matter.

I have an awesome Guide to Job Board Bidding. Download it, and run through the worksheet. This guide allows you to be proactive when it comes to ever-changing job boards and will optimize your opportunities for qualified applicants.

Think about your bid as a combination of a bunch of different variables. Run through each of the variables and give yourself a point if these apply to you. You are only grading what a job seeker would see on the job board, not what you know in your head, or what you tell them in an interview.

Remember... this is a competition!

Go through the entire list and rank yourself. Then, pick two or three competitors and compare yourself to see how you measure up.

If you need some help with your ads on the job boards, click the link below to set up a quick chat!

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Optimize your Job Board Strategy!

Ensure you're outbidding your competitors for top talent with our guide to job board bidding!

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