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Myrella Kifuri

We're With Facebook: Announcing Our New Partnership

Facebook just announced its partnership with ApplicantPro!

For organizations of all sizes, getting jobs out in front of qualified applicants is crucial, now more than ever. This integration gives our clients easy access to Facebook’s massive talent pool.

This is HUGE considering the fact that 83% of job seekers are active on Facebook. Now, it’s as easy for you to advertise your jobs as it is for them to apply.

Here at ApplicantPro, we’ve found one of the best ways to improve hiring results is to strike a balance between employers’ needs and what job seekers want. This maximizes applicant flow and brings in great hires even with a limited talent market!

This partnership does just that - as it will optimize job advertising on HR’s end while simplifying the application process for candidates at the same time.

Wondering how it works?

This partnership will allow ApplicantPro to automatically push your jobs out to Facebook’s Job page.

Then, when a job seeker finds that job and applies, their application will come directly into your ApplicantPro account to continue the hiring process.

59% of candidates use social media to research companies they’re interested in working for - giving them the option to easily apply from your company Facebook page without ever having to leave the site is a game-changer!

Advertising your jobs on social media is a great strategy, but building and maintaining a high-quality applicant pool requires variety. Make sure to download our Top 5 Ways to Increase Applicant Flow for simple framework that will bring you more qualified candidates and improve your hiring results!

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