How can social media help me hire better

How can social media help me hire better?

Hiring a bad employee can cost you company time and money. Hiring bad employees over and over can be devastating to your companies over profit for the year. Taking the time to put a strategic firing plan in place will greatly benefit your company. Technology and ways of hiring has changed over the past few years. Social media platforms have had a huge influence on the way some companies hire.

Nowadays more than half of businesses have focused part of their hiring efforts through social media. All of this time and effort is not just placed in one platform. There are hundreds of social media platforms that can bring you a fresh list of applicants. Choosing the right platform is what you have to focus on. Beware though that searching potential applicants profiles may not always yield the most accurate information. Instead this information should be gained through your employment applications and interviews.

The top social media platforms applicants are likely to pursue include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Whether you decide to focus your effort on any of these various social media platforms, you must keep your hiring needs in mind. Each platform may exemplify different strengths that would benefit your business. Optimise your social media channels by posting engaging content.

Last but not least you need to prioritize! If your social media sites look bad, and have little to no functionality, then you are decreasing your chance of catching the eye of your potentially great applicant. When your focus is on hiring, you must be ready to grab the applicant you need every chance you get.

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