What personality traits should I look for in my next applicant

What personality traits should I look for in my next applicant?

No matter what position you hold, when it comes to hiring the right applicant, having the right personality can be greatly beneficial. Recent research has shown that 88% of employers are looking for a "cultural fit" over skills in their next hire. Although there are many different personalities that will benefit your organization here are the top 5 that you should consider.

  • Professionalism: Your interviewee arrives on time, minds their manners/showing others respect and demonstrates a positive attitude. This is a characteristic that can be analyzed the moment a candidate enters the room.
  • High Energy: Another trait that is clearly visible within the first thirty seconds of meeting someone, searching for an energetic, go-getter mentality to add to your team, is greatly beneficial. A candidate can best demonstrate high-energy by showing assertiveness in an interview. High energy applicants ask questions and are responsive in the interview.
  • Confidence: Considered to be the personality trait that candidates and employees are missing most, confidence embodies professionalism and high-energy. Whether or not your interviewee possess this trait or not, it can still be summed up in their body language. Do they stand up straight when they walk, or have firm handshakes and look you in the eyes? All of these are qualities of a poised individual.
  • Self Monitoring: Although this is not a quality that can be assessed on-sight, it is noticeable in a candidate's resume and interview process. A self-starter of sorts, this personality type has the capability to work independently and without the guidance of direct leadership. To emphasize this characteristic, ask your applicant how self-motivation was crucial to a moment of success in their life.
  • Intellectual Curiosity: An applicant of this nature would be open to new challenges in the workplace. These personality traits have a thirst for new knowledge and have strong problem solving abilities. This strength is a strong indicator of how an individual would fare in your company. Applicants who possess intellectual curiosity are more likely to stay within your organization on a long term basis.

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