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Understanding Facebook Job Boards

Did you know that about 2.8 billion people are heavily active on Facebook each day?

Compare that to the 300 million monthly active people on LinkedIn and the 250 million visitors per month on Indeed and it's a no-brainer that you should be utilizing their job boards to drive quality candidates to your key positions.

At ApplicantPro, we see that Facebook is generating the third-highest amount of applicant tracking to our career site out of all the job boards out there!

That's HUGE considering it's only been a year or two that they've actually had a viable job board!

In this week's video, I want to talk about Facebook job boards, how they've progressed, what to expect next, and what you need to do to maximize the number of applicants you get from their job board.

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The interesting thing about building job boards is that if you want to create an effective job board it takes a handful of ingredients, kind of like building a cake! If you leave one out, it falls apart.

How to Create an Effective Job Board Strategy:

  • To start, Facebook has gone to Applicant Tracking Systems like us and begun to inhale all the jobs. You need a base layer of jobs to allow job seekers to consider them legit and to entice others organizations to post their jobs there as well.

  • Next, you need to get the job seekers to see the jobs! Facebook does this by both emailing the job ads and embedding them in your news feed.

  • Finally, you need to keep the job seeker on your site to apply. The fewer hoops you have them jump through, the more likely they'll follow through and complete the application.

We're currently seeing Facebook introduce and expand their apply setup. This means that people are applying on Facebook, but the information is being transmitted over to the organization's Applicant Tracking System so they're not getting lost in the process. It's streamlined and simple.

In order for this to work you need these couple of things:

  1. The ability to get their resume and contact information -- over time as job seekers begin to apply Facebook will start storing their information to make the process even quicker and easier.

  2. The ability to gather job questions -- making sure to capture screening questions right there on Facebook as people apply and importing that information over into the ATS.

Remember like a water slide, the less friction, the better the flow.

If you'd like a deeper insight into what I've mentioned here, remember to watch the video above.

I'm definitely excited about Facebook having job boards, this is undoubtedly where you'll receive the greatest flow in applicants from a social media standpoint and if you're not already utilizing it, you're falling behind!

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