Fuel Your Talent Engine With Our Full-Service Sourcing

Sourcing applicants requires consistent, proactive attention. Low qualified applicant flow leads to...

  • Jobs remaining unfilled for weeks, if not months.

  • Feeling unsatisfied with the performance of new hires.

  • Increased turnover rates.

  • Added stress and hiring headaches.

HR needs Applicant Attraction Service

Let our team of hiring experts help you feel confident in sourcing qualified applicants.

Your own personal hiring assistant, serving as an extension of your company.

We will...

  • Write engaging job ads that are proven to drive positive results.

  • Post your open positions to the industries top job boards.

  • Ensure fresh job ads are posted monthly.

  • Provide a mobile-friendly application that will increase your apply rate.

  • Automatically screen applicants based on your qualifications to highlight top talent.

  • Stay connected with your hiring managers to provide updates, tips, and qualified applicants for review.

So you can...

  • Review a prescreened list of qualified applicants.

  • Have access to additional information to help you identify the best candidates.

  • Easily engage with applicants via text or email within the system to schedule interviews.

  • Send background checks, extend offers, and efficiently onboard new hires.

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Trusted by over 9,000 companies making incredible hires!

“The experience, daily, is stress-free. As a client, you not only have the tools at your fingertips (easy to use, local, with minimal training needed), but you are always aware that you have the power and knowledge of the ApplicantPro team behind everything you do.”

Jerry B

Individual and Family Services

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“This system has changed the way GreenStar runs. Our capacity for growth and change to evolve quickly to better serve our applicants, new and old, has expanded greatly. I have had so much fun in my role as a recruiter and thanks to ApplicantPro I have been able to expand and grow as an individual and flesh out a career path that excites me.”

Zack M


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“Easy to understand, functionality, many features to pick from. I have checked many systems, none could offer what ApplicantPro does for the money. Their customer service is second to none! Immediate responses to your questions, are always willing to help in any way possible, very friendly, professional staff who know what they are doing.”

Karen S.

Human Resources Manager

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“I appreciate how much you get from this product for the amount that we pay. As our company works on modernizing our processes, we have come across several other ATS options. ApplicantPro consistently has the lowest cost while providing more features than almost every other product we have looked into.”

Elaine R

Hospital and Health Care

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A track record of proven results!

Our team of hiring experts helps our clients consistently increase qualified applicant flow by 50-300%!


Increased Applicant Flow

Mortgage Loan Officer


Increased Applicant Flow

Truck Driver


Increased Applicant Flow

Computer Scientist


Increased Applicant Flow


Common Questions About Our Applicant Attraction Services

Where will our jobs be posted?

We have access to hundreds of job boards including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Facebook, linkedIn, and more!

Where can I see and review my applicants?

You will have full access to our software with a personal login to instantly view a list of pre-qualified candidates for your jobs.

How do job seekers apply?

Candidates have the option to either apply through a job board or via a mobile-friendly, personal branded career site that we will provide for you.

How can you promise such great results?

With over 15 years years of experience, we have successfully found the best ways to help companies compete in this war for talent, despite the talent shortage you may be facing in your industry.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is determined by the number of employees and locations within your organization.

Is there a long term contract?

New clients commit to using our service for the first 3 months, then it is on a month-to month basis. You have the ability to hibernate your account anytime you are not hiring and then fire it back up when you're ready to attract talent.

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