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HRCI & SHRM Approved Speaker

Steven J Smith, SHRM-CP, PHR has been in the Human Resource profession since 2005 after graduating from Brigham Young University with a BS in Finance. His strong background in Finance and Sales has helped Steven be very successful when it comes to organizational development and growth by bridging the communication gap between HR, CEOs and the Executive Suite. In 2008 he saw an opportunity to enhance the growth of organizations worldwide by helping with the founding of a new company called ApplicantPro, helping HR professionals of companies from 1 to 20,000 employees be more of a strategic partner within their own organizations. He has consulted with thousands of organizations across the country on strategic ways to improve their hiring processes in hundreds of industries. Steven has been a member of SHRM since 2008 and currently serves as Utah SHRMs State Director where he is responsible for 5 chapters across the state and their more than 2500 volunteers.

If you are looking for an engaging presenter for an HR or hiring related event, then Steve is your guy! Steve is fun, approachable, and has extensive knowledge when it comes to the world of hiring. He's spoken at many previous events all around the country and loves to help people up their hiring game.

Steven is able to offer SHRM and HRCI credits for his talks if that is something you are looking for. Below are some of the topics that have been presented at past events and can be presented at future ones. Want Steve to speak at one of your events? Let us know!

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“Yesterday's presentation led by Steven Smith from ApplicantPro was amazing! I don't think I've ever been on a virtual call where I saw everyone taking such copious notes!”

Brandon W.

Vice President of Aon

“Steve's presentation was easily one of our top presentations in recent memory. The current and very applicable strategies he armed us with has given us a leg up in the competition”

Will C.

Director of Talent Acquisition at BYU

Topics Steven is Ready to Speak On:

The Recruiting Flywheel

The Hiring Tree:
Creating the Strongest, Most Balanced Hiring Process Possible

Have you experienced a dip in applicant flow in 2021? While many employers are blaming COVID, unemployment rates, and other external factors, there are actually some key things you can do that will immediately impact your applicant flow and increase your quality of candidates. In this presentation, Steven J Smith will walk attendees through steps they can take to establish a strong, healthy, balanced hiring process, which he likens to 'The Hiring Tree'. While some of it may require additional funds, there are many things that can be done that will require no money at all, only time.

Beyond the Job Board

The Recruiting Flywheel:
Build the Talent Engine to get the Applicants You Need

The recruiting process is one big spinning flywheel. The goal is to keep it balanced and push it to the point of inertia so it continues to spin faster, and with less effort. Steven will teach you how to build, optimize and expand your recruiting flywheel in order to proactively fuel your talent engine and thrive in this hyper-competitive job market!

How to Write a Killer Job Ad

Beyond the Job Board:
Building an Employee Referral Program to Attract the Highest Quality Candidates

In the search for a quality hire, the data is clear: employee referrals are #1. However, most companies struggle to create an employee referral program that gets results. Steve will teach the secrets to creating the perfect employee referral program that is cost-effective, attracts the highest quality candidates, reduces the amount of time HR spends sifting & screening through short-skilled applicants, and is 100% in their control-unlike job boards and recruiters. The best part? It's in equation form - get ready to add, subtract and multiply the best pieces of your hiring strategy to maximize results!