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Continuous Monitoring

Ensure the safety and reputation of your company, workplace, customers, and community with Continuous Monitoring. Employee Background Checks help you mitigate risk and uphold your applicants' integrity while Continuous Monitoring makes it easy to maintain it throughout their employment. It will provide you with real-time incarceration alerts which will help you identify early indicators of risky employee behavior that may pose a threat to your business.

hr monitoring employees
reduce risk in workplace

Improve safety and reduce risk in your workplace.

The immediate and physical safety of all employees, contractors, volunteers, and customers is a must-meet standard.

maintain brand and image

Easily maintain a positive brand and company image.

This is crucial to the success and stability of any organization. A single incident can quickly erode years of company growth and brand marketing.

keep company safe

Keep your employees, company, and customers safe.

Greatly reduce post-hire criminal risk and solve issues before they arise in your workplace.

real-time incarceration alerts

Gain transparency with real-time incarceration alerts.

Continuous monitoring like a security system for everyone involved in your business. Gain peace of mind by being the first to know.

Continuous Monitoring takes over once the pre-hire background checks are done and your new employee is hired.

Continuous Monitoring of your employees is an essential yet completely transparent tool for preventing internal criminal risk to your company.

Whether your employees work with the general public, drive on behalf of your company, work in finance, go into customers' homes, or simply need to uphold quality and safety, Continuous Monitoring is your most effective tool for ongoing safety management.

new employee added to continuous monitoring

Real-time incarceration alerts provide transparency and early indicators of risky employee behavior.

Incarceration alerts equip employers with the knowledge needed to proactively mitigate business risks that stem from an employee's criminal activity.

A substantial amount of person-based risk goes unnoticed and unmanaged each day and Continuous Monitoring helps you maintain the safety and integrity of your business.

employer getting real-time incarceration alert

Your public reputation is crucial to maintaining your current client base and business growth.

A positive brand reputation is crucial to the success and stability of an organization. Research has shown that a company's reputation is responsible for 25% of its market value.

When a brand reputation suffers, so do sales. Consider these stats:

  • More customers' purchase intentions are explained by their perception of the company than the perception of the particular product.
  • 70% of consumers avoid purchasing a product from a company they don't like.
  • 69% of prospective employees are unlikely to accept a job offer from a company with a bad reputation, even if they are unemployed.
company maintaining brand image

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