Do you need to know what that applicant did in a former life? Are you taking a risk by hiring that applicant? Seamlessly take a look at their background. ApplicantPro makes it easy with integration with top-notch background check providers.

Once you have applicants for your open positions, you may want to take a look at their past to find out if they are a fit based on your requirements, culture, and to verify the information included on their application.

Background checks do most of the legwork for you and ApplicantPro makes it even easier. With just a few clicks you can order the background check and a request will be sent to your applicant. They will authorize the check and give all required information to our provider. You will get the results. So easy.

Some of the services provided by our partner are:

  • Credit Reports
  • Form I9 Compliance
  • Employment Verification Program (EVP)
  • Federal and MultiState Criminal Records Searches
  • Federal and County Civil Records Searches
  • Driving Records
  • And so much more!