Screening questions designed by you to capture only those that meet your minimum qualifications. Picture a colander for hiring; keep only those applicants you want.

Imagine you are making spaghetti for dinner. You have just finished cooking your pasta. You grab your favorite colander and dump the contents of your pot into it. You only keep what you want, your noodles. The rest run out the holes to the bottom and sides.

The screening feature of ApplicantPro is very similar. You write your job ad, you advertise your ad and attract applicants to your site. They apply for an open position and they are all dumped into the same pot. However, as you know, not all applicants are created equal.

Because your time is precious, we help you keep only those that are the best fit for your open position and allow the rest to leave through the holes in your ApplicantPro colander. The questions you set up in your application create the holes that allow you to keep only those that fit your minimum qualifications. We give you an easy-to-use platform that will allow you to see all applicants or those that are the best fit with little work on your part.