Tracking Source of Hires

What metrics are you already tracking to determine if your current hiring process is effective? Time to fill, Quality of Hire, Cost per Hire, Applicant Sources, and more? Maybe your metrics go beyond these areas or maybe you're just happy to be receiving any applications. Either way, we'd like to help you see the potential power of tracking your Source of Hires with our easy-to-use printable cheat sheet.

Tracking Source of Hires will help you:

  1. Know what's working and what's not.
  2. Identify where company time and money should be focused.
  3. Understand ways to improve the quality of your applicants.

Get started tracking your Source of Hires today!

To better understand your company's sources for quality applicants, you will need to reference your applicant flow and applicant source data from your company. Then use our downloaded Source of Hires Cheat Sheet that will walk you through the steps you need to gain a better perspective of where your best Source of Hires are.

Worksheet to help you track your source of hires

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