Job Ad Template - Ditch the Job Description!

Don't use just a boring job description to advertise your job openings to potential candidates. Get job seekers excited to apply for your company with an engaging Job Ad. This step-by-step Job Ad Template can be exactly what you need to increase your applicant flow and stand out against your competitors!

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What's Inside?

  • A tool to help you optimize the 6 different sections needed for a killer job ad.

  • Opportunity to learn what it takes to make your job STAND OUT from your competitors.

  • Direction for creating a job ad that mimics the culture of your organization.

  • A video from Ryan Kohler, as he runs a simple job ad through this template.

  • A before and after of said job ad.

  • The power to maximize your applicant flow rate and get qualified candidates for your key positions.

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How to use the Job Ad Template

The most effective way to better your sourcing efforts is to focus on your job ad.

This template paves the path to standing out from your competitors and attracting solid applicants for your jobs. It's going to seem weird because the job ad you'll create is nothing like the ones your competitors are using... but that's the thing. You don't want to blend in. Doing what everyone else is doing will only get you so far.

To attract qualified candidates for your job ads, you need to create an engaging job ad... one that mimics your company culture and gets them excited about the opportunity to work for you!

Utilizing this Job Ad Template will help your job ads become more "jobseeker focused"... Meaning it will inculcate them with enough validity and excitement to get them to apply for your key positions. This tool is proven to increase your applicant flow rate by 50%-300%.

Are you ready to attract eager, qualified job seekers?