Applicant Attraction Bridge

A guide to identifying the selling points of your job offer that will set you up as an employer of choice over your competitors!

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What's Inside?

  • A tool to help you highlight how your job offer compares to your competitors.

  • A guide to finding solutions to job seeker frustrations.

  • The key to reducing the friction new hires experience when making the job transition.

  • Powerful insight into how to improve the workplace experience your organization offers.

  • The resources you need to build a sturdy bridge that entices job seekers to cross over to your side of employment.

  • The power to fill your key positions!

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How to build an Applicant Attraction Bridge

Job ads are like a bridge -- This bridge helps job seekers cross the gap from their current job to where they want to go! (Which is to work for you, of course.)

In order for job seekers to WANT to cross the bridge over to your side, your offer has to be better than where they are currently employed! The goal of the Applicant Attraction Bridge is to find solutions to the frustrations job seekers may be experiencing in their current workplace.

Utilizing this guide to build an Applicant Attraction Bridge will allow you to identify the selling points of your job offer and instill future employees with confidence and security when making a job transition. This tool will give you the key to becoming an employer of choice over your competitors and the power to attract qualified applicants!

Are you ready to become an employer of CHOICE, and attract the job seekers you've been hoping for?