Employee Referral Flywheel

A guide to building an effective employee referral program that will continually deliver high-quality applicants and powerful hires!

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What's Inside?

  • 6 Steps to building a top-performing employee referral flywheel.

  • Tips and tricks to get your employees involved and excited about your employee referral program.

  • An inside look at our employee referral program.

  • Opportunity to gain insight into your organization's overall health and culture.

  • The ability to turn your employees into job marketers (not recruiters).

  • The confidence to source qualified applicants outside of job boards.

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How to use the Employee Referral Flywheel

Our Employee Referral Flywheel is the most powerful and sustainable talent attraction engine fueling our organization. No matter what the economy, job boards, or our competitors do... we'll be able to sustain our growth through our successful employee referral flywheel.

This 6 step guide provides you with not only insight to establishing a thriving employee referral program but also one that ensures constant, continuous growth. Despite your organization size... whether you have 25 employees or 500, this guide can ensure an employee referral flywheel that spins with just a little initial effort yet churns great success.

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