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Receive a $100 credit when you sponsor a job on Indeed with ApplicantPro

Credit applies only to new advertisers or those who haven’t sponsored a job in the last 12 months.

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Why Sponsor with Indeed logo

Faster Hiring

Post a sponsored job in minutes through your ATS and with over 250 million visitors, Indeed delivers 2.6x more hires than other top job sites combined.

Control Your Costs

No long-term contracts, subscriptions, or upfront fees. You’re completely in control and can pause or close your job at any time.

Better Job Visibility

Sponsoring your job gives you more exposure to quality candidates on Indeed and is 4.5x more likely to result in a hire than non-sponsored jobs.

Unlock Instant Match

Candidates you invite to apply through instant Match are 3x more likely to apply to your job than those who only see it in search.

How to Claim & Use Your Credit

Step 1.

Claiming your $100 credit is easy with Indeed. Simply click the button below, follow a few simple steps, and activate your credit.

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Step 2.

Email your account manager to use the $100 credit and sponsor an open job.

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Have more questions?
This Help Center article has more helpful tips on how to claim the credit and sponsor your job.

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Common Questions About This Offer

What if I don’t qualify for the $100 credit from Indeed?

You deserve a little something, too! We’re offering 2 free Background Checks to those who don’t qualify for the Indeed Promo. Talk to your account rep to learn more. (Limitations apply)

Does the offer expire?

Yes, the credit must be claimed before January 31, 2023, and used within one year of redemption.

What happens after I use up my $100 credit?

You can pause or close your job at any time! If you’d like to continue sponsoring your job or wish to sponsor a new job, you will be charged based on the Sponsored Job Budget.

*Credit expires one year after promo redemption. Credit applies only to new advertisers. Upon credit expiration, users are charged based on the Sponsored Job budget. Terms, conditions, and quality standards apply.