Integrated Background Checks

Order and view background checks on your top applicants easily through the ApplicantPro platform.

ApplicantPro's background checks are added as an additional service to your existing ApplicantPro account.

Why switch to ApplicantPro's Background Checks?

  • Order background checks easily and directly from your ApplicantPro admin area.
  • Capture FCRA compliant authorization forms from applicants online.
  • Use text messaging to reduce the authorization turnaround time.
  • Set up user access control to maintain who can order or see the background checks.
  • Add supplementary screening (drug test, verifications, MVRs, etc.) at any point in the process.
  • Managed delivery of your pre/post adverse action letters.

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Why Choose Us?



All managed and tracked through ApplicantPro's admin area. Send authorization requests to your clients and get results delivered straight to your dashboard.



Average background checks take 2-3 business days to complete, enabling you to take important hiring decisions quickly and with confidence.

price match

Price Match

If our pricing is more than what you are paying now, we'll do an apples to apples comparison with your current provider so we can do our best to give you the best price possible.

What our clients say about us

client quote

Emma B.


"We are able to use different background checks depending on the employee and what our client has requested, the results are put simply and clearly. There is never any question and overall we have been thrilled about what ProScreening has done for MetaSource. I would recommend ProScreening to anyone who would like faster, more efficient background checks."

client quote

Mary C.


"We have been very pleased with ApplicantPro's background checks. Not only does it save time by eliminating data entry duplication, but we have been very pleased with the turnaround time and the thoroughness of the results."

client quote

Andrea M.

Arvig Enterprices, Inc.

"Arvig has been using ApplicantPro for our background checking need for several months now. Prior to switching to ApplicantPro, we were using another third party service, and it was manual-entry process, which was burdensome and time-consuming. Since we were already using ApplicantPro as our applicant tracking system, we were very excited to hear that ApplicantPro could assistus with our background checks."