Web Based Applicant Tracking Solves Traditional Hiring Problems

Human resource managers often turn to web based applicant tracking to replace outdated hiring practices. The process of collecting and then manually sorting through paper applications or resumes has been the tried-and-true method for many small or mid-sized companies. However, online application tracking systems both widens your hiring pool, thereby allowing you access to greater numbers of qualified applications, while also streamlining your efforts so recruiting doesn’t monopolize your time.

Switching to Applicant Tracking Software

Unfortunately, most applicant tracking systems are complicated and difficult to set up. They also tend to be tailored to larger companies with a formidable budget it can devote to hiring. But ApplicantPro doesn’t just offer software – we provide solutions.

Our software requires minimal setup and is extremely user-friendly. We create a branded careers page that perfectly matches the design of your company’s website so job-seekers will think it’s just another page on your site. We maintain the careers page for you, giving you easy access to it so you can update job postings and customize information pages (for details like benefits or internships).

And unlike other applicant tracking software companies, ApplicantPro bases its pricing on the number of employees your company has, not on the number of logins you need. That way you can provide logins to all the necessary hiring managers without worrying about the accompanying cost.

The Highest Return on Your Investment

In addition to our easy setup and our affordable pricing, ApplicantPro also:

  • Cuts the time until hire
  • Reduces the amount of screening you have to perform
  • Helps advertise your job listings
  • Automatically compiles reporting data from provide application data and resumes

The most important return that you receive from using ApplicantPro is the increase to your applicant pool. Using ApplicantPro for online applicant tracking expands your applicant pool by as much as 15 to 30%. This is accomplished through company website visitors, referrals by friends and employees, free job board postings, SEO, and for an extra fee, paid sponsored job marketing.

Get ApplicantPro’s Web Based Applicant Tracking

Increase your applicant pool today. Try our web based applicant tracking to attract the right candidates with the right qualifications. Our recruitment management system helps you screen more applicants with greater ease, creating actionable reports based off the applications provided by the candidates. Don’t waste another day manually entering resume data into a spreadsheet.

At ApplicantPro, we’re invested your success, so we hope you find our tracking system for applicants beneficial in the long-run. Find out if our software for human resources management is for you by scheduling a free demo today.