Date: October 17
Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Location: Noah's Fort Worth
Cost: FREE!

Why you should be there:

ApplicantPro is not simply an ATS.
We are hiring experts.

  • Come and rub shoulders with some of the best at ApplicantPro!
  • Get exclusive training on increasing applicant flow, streamlining your current hiring process, and getting the most out of what ApplicantPro has to offer!
  • Be the first to hear about a new feature that allows for seamless information transfer from ApplicantPro to your payroll provider.
  • Enjoy free lunch catered by Beyond the Box Catering.
  • All this and more for free in an intimate gathering of fellow ApplicantPro users!


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Come learn from:

ApplicantPro - Ryan

Ryan Kohler

Chief Executive Officer
ApplicantPro - Ryan

Heidi Barnett

Director of Marketing
ApplicantPro - Ryan

Shawn Pace

Assessment Specialist

Our experts will discuss some of our integrations:

ApplicantPro happy customers


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Arrive, mingle, get free stuff!
Ryan Kohler "10 Ways to Increase Applicant Flow"
Free Catered Lunch
New features and upgrades
Questions & answers