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Most HR people believe that if they simply post their ad to a job board, that their work is done. They believe that they have little to no power to influence how many qualified job seekers end up reading their ad, or to increase the number of qualified candidates that apply. They figure that if they aren't getting enough applicants, that it must mean there simply aren't that many people looking for work, and their only other option is to pay to post their job on more job boards. THEY ARE WRONG!

Job Boards are just Search Engines for Jobs

In the early days of online job boards, the sites were simply a list of job categories that a job seeker would click on to be taken to a list of jobs that were ranked by posting date. Over the past 10 years, job boards have transitioned their technology away from job categories and into search engines.

This might not seem like a big deal to you, but the evolution of job boards has completely changed which jobs are displayed to candidates. More importantly, it has created new opportunities for job posters to increase their results by adjusting their ads — if they are willing to learn and implement proven job board maximization techniques.

Applicant Increase 50%-300% with Job Board Maximization

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