Human Resource Management Software Eliminates Hiring Stress

Posting jobs, sifting through applications and setting up interviews are now easier than ever due to innovative software for human resource management.

It’s not uncommon for a human resource manager to stress and spend overtime hours trying to organize the company’s hiring process while also managing his or her other important duties. However, with human resource software, HR managers no longer have to juggle completing expected tasks. The days of finding the right employee by sorting through hundreds of paper resumes are over.

How ApplicantPro Simplifies Your Hiring Workload

ApplicantPro provides human resource management solutions through its web based application tracking systems. In other words, you can use our software to streamline your hiring process. There are four main areas where our application tracking systems make life easier for you:

  • Job Postings. After we build your careers website, our software automatically places the job listing onto free online job boards like, and We also work with Job Target’s oneclick program to make it easier for you to quickly place your jobs on more than 1800 paid job boards like Monster and HotJobs.
  • Applicant Screening. With our software, you’ll be able to ask applicant screening questions to determine an applicant’s job qualifications, cognitive job skills and behavioral traits. This screening process will weed out many applicants who are under or over qualified, who may not be competent enough to understand the job or who don’t have the right personality type for the work environment.
  • Tracking and Reporting. Once an applicant starts an application and answers the screening questions, you can track his or her progress through the application progress. Keeping this data organized is crucial, which is why our software allows you to configure and store that data in hundreds of ways for reporting purposes. You can choose from standard reports or use our report builder to customize reports. We also offer a traffic analytics tool to help you stay updated on what is going on with your career website.
  • Manager Access. Unlike other HR software providers, ApplicantPro bases its pricing on the number of your employees, not the number of logins you need. If you need more logins, but don’t have enough money, that’s not an issue with us. We also allow you to restrict what your managers can see and do with the access they have. You can even assign certain applicants to certain managers, allowing you to prevent hiring managers from sifting through applications in human resource management files that you’ve already screened out.

ApplicantPro’s Software for Human Resource Management: Take It for a Free 30-Day Test Drive!

ApplicantPro offers innovative software for human resource management at a competitive price. We can help you set up a web based application tracking program that makes sorting through resumes a snap. Our recruitment management system helps you determine which applications actually get through the screening questions and how to prioritize the applications that do make the cut.

HR managers no longer need to worry about devoting too much time to recruitment efforts and falling behind in their other responsibilities. Our tracking system for applicants is designed to make life easier and take the pain out of hiring. Call today to schedule your free 30-day demo of our services today.