Why Human Resources Needs a Resume Management Tracking System

There are a lot of issues when it comes to sorting through a stack of resumes. Time constraints are a factor, along with the headache of actually having to read through those resumes and mine them for pertinent data like years of experience and areas of expertise. For any human resources manager, a resume management tracking system can eliminate a lot of that wasted time and effort.

Saving Time: How a Tracking System Helps

Many resume tracking systems are tailored to larger companies with an expansive budget and large staffs. There aren’t many designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized companies, and none with the streamlined solutions that ApplicantPro offers. Here are a few of the tangible benefits from our candidate tracking system:

  • Push your open positions listings to both free and paid job boards. Widen that hiring pool.
  • We create a branded careers page to match the rest of your site. No need to involve your IT department or bother them about making updates. You can update the page yourself, adding new listings or editing attached benefits pages.
  • Applicants can easily find your careers site and fill out an application.
  • Our software can generate standard and custom reports, allowing you to filter through unqualified applicants and allow the top candidates to float to the top of your list with just a few clicks.
  • You save time and effort on hiring that can be spent on your other core duties.

Managing an Applicant Database

ApplicantPro’s staffing software does not just come with resume tracking. There are other tools that allow employers to find what they’re looking for. Let’s face it: resumes are not always the most accurate measure of an applicant’s potential. This is why ApplicantPro has these different tools available with our applicant tracking solution.

  • Quizzes on qualifications and experience
  • Quizzes on job skills
  • Quizzes on behavioral tendencies
  • Background checks
  • Reports with breakdowns of quizzes, resumes, and background checks

These tools allow business owners to gain a more exact measure of which candidates are most likely to fit their expectations and business atmosphere.

Try out ApplicantPro’s resume management tracking system and discover how our hiring software can take all the hassle out of your hiring efforts. Our resume management software allows you to find the job candidates you need. Discover how easy it can be by signing up for a free 30-day demo to try out our applicant tracking software for small business. We know you’ll be more than blown away by the results.